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I have been a SKGABC certified guide since 2009 and am presently a level 3 guide. I'm passionate about kayaking and introducing people to our country's beautiful and diverse coastline and rivers. I have a keen interest in the history of the areas I guide and coach in and love to share stories of the people and events that have shaped them. I am the lead guide and coach for Candlebox Kayaking in Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Areas paddled: Gulf Islands, Johnstone Strait, Clayoquot Sound, Douglas Channel, Broken Group, Gwaii Haanas, Isle of Skye (Scotland), Bay of Fundy (NS), South Shore (NS), Eastern Shore (NS). Professional qualifications: - SKGABC Level 3 guide - Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level 1 Instructor Trainer - Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level 4 Skills - Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level 3 Instructor (aspirant) - Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level 2 Instructor - Paddle Canada/Canoe Kayak Canada River Kayak Instructor 2 - Leader 2 - Certified in Wilderness First Aid, Standard First Aid and CPR level "C" - Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross, Canadian Lifesaving Society - Registered examiner for Maritime Radio (ROC). Professional background: - BA (English), University of King's College, 2001 - MDiv (specializing in working with youth/families), Acadia University, 2009

Ongoing Professional Development

SKGABC Level One course and exam - 2009

Paddle Canada Lake Canoe Level 1 Skills - 2009

SKGABC Assistant Overnight Guide upgrade course and exam

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Instructor Level 2 - 2015

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level 4 Skills - 2015

SKGABC Level 3 Exam - 2017

Paddle Canada River Kayak Instructor - 2017

Paddle Canada Kayak Rolling Instructor - 2018