Professional Development, through Exchanges, Exams, and Courses, allows leaders to stay abreast of evolving industry standards, strengthen connections with other professionals, and finesse their paddling, technical, and interpretive skills, thereby promoting safety across the industry.

SKGABC guides are required to participate in an Ongoing Training / Professional Development program at minimum once every 3 years.  See bottom of page for details.

SKGABC 2021 Fall Exchange Nov 5-14, 2021


The Exchange is a "blended" format like we've been doing for the past year or so; most workshops etc will be hosted online over Zoom, and local "on the water" events will be happening around the province, organized by individual guides.  You can just participate in the online events for fun, for free and for no OGT credits (Tier 1 participant); if you want the Exchange to upgrade your OGT, you need to register formally in the Exchange, pay $50, attend a certain number of workshops including at least one on water event and complete at least one rescue. 

Individual satellite "in-person" portions of the Exchange will be conducted with professionally appropriate COVID-19 protocol in place as needed. This blended virtual / in-person delivery is an adaptation to the times. The SKGABC plans to coordinate a traditional model of awesome in-person yearly weekend Exchange for the Spring of 2022.

SKGABC AGM 2021 - plus Exchange Closing Ceremonies Nov 14, 2021


This year's Virtual AGM via Zoom is a chance to continue getting to know other folks passionate about our industry. We will also host the Closing Ceremonies of the Fall Exchange! Meet the...

Professional Development -- Certification Requirement

On-Going Training can be satisfied for a THREE (3) year period by any of the following SKGABC activities

  • SKGABC Guides Exchange - (L3 guides: in a Leadership role)
  • SKGABC Endorsed Course - e.g. AOG course, L3 prep course
  • SKGABC Level Two or Three Exam - as a candidate
  • new SKGABC Guide Trainer or Guide Examiner approved application

On-Going Training can be satisfied for a THREE (3) year period by any of the following alternative activities 

  • Recognized training course endorsed by another certifying body
    Examples: Paddle Canada / American Canoe Association / British Canoe Union / etc sea kayak courses
  • Regional paddling symposium or event
    Examples: Pacific Paddling Symposium / Golden Gate Sea Kayak Symposium / East Coast Kayak Symposium / Lumpy Waters Kayak Symposium
  • Ground Search and Rescue Training
  • Swiftwater Rescue Training

To submit non-SKGABC training, please email documentation to: 

In extenuating circumstances, the Executive Director (or Certification Committee) may consider alternative options on a case by case basis, based upon quality, intensity, and length of training as well as networking, community, and leadership components.