SKGABC Low Impact Best Practices

Here you will find the seven “Leave No Trace” principles along with the SKGABC’s best practices for each principle.

SKGABC Guide's Technical Manual

This manual is a resource for guides of all levels. It combines SKGABC guidelines with detailed information on a wide range of subjects.

Water Classification Maps

This map created by the SKGABC outlines the water classifications in various locations on the BC coast. This map covers from Strait of Georgia (South Vancouver Island) to Hecate Strait (Haida Gwaii).

Operating Standards Summary

This document provides a quick overview of SKGABC’s client to guide ratios, water classification definitions, operating procedures and required safety equipment.

National Parks Ratios

Review current guide-to-client ratio standards for national parks including Broken Islands, Gulf Islands, and Haida Gwaii.

Rental Best Practices

Review the best practice standards recommended for guides facilitating kayak rentals by the SKGABC.

SKGABC Member Orientation and FAQ

Give this document a click-through! How to access the members area, update certifications, get your member card, access pro deals and health insurance, connect to other guides, and much more.  Highly recommended to take a look through.

View the presentation below.