An important part of your SKGABC guide certification is maintaining a log of experience.  In addition to maintaining your Field Logbook, SKGABC Guides are required to submit a Logbook Spreadsheet in SKGABC format to their member profile on an annual basis.

SKGABC Guides Logbook Fun Times Workshop

May be helpful to watch for information and support with filling out the logbook spreadsheets :)

Two versions of the SKGABC logbook are below: the Simple Logbook and the Master Logbook.  You can use the version you are most comfortable with.  

 Simple Logbook Spreadsheet  Master Logbook Spreadsheet

The Simple Logbook (single-sheet version) may be a better choice if you only guide a little bit, and/or if you are uncomfortable with spreadsheets and want a simpler option.

The Master Logbook (a multi-sheet version) is encouraged and may be a better choice if you have more than one year of guiding to keep track of. 

Using this logbook, you will be able to see all your years' data calculated automagically for you in one place :)

Simple Logbook Spreadsheet in Excel format

Master Logbook Spreadsheet in Excel format

Please use the Water Classification Map to determine the class of waters for your trips.

Options for Editing Your Logbook Spreadsheet

  • Microsoft Excel (part of the Microsoft Office suite of programs)
  • Open Office  (free open sourced alternative to Microsoft Office)
  • Google Sheets (accessible through a Google account)
  • Numbers (part of the Apple suite of programs)

Please save your file in .xls or .xlsx format before uploading to your profile.  

The SKGABC profile accepts only Excel documents (.xls or .xlsx).

  • In Excel, just hit "File > Save". 
  • If you're using Numbers, hit "File > Export As > .xls or .xlsx". 
  • If you're editing in Google Sheets, click "File > Download As > Excel".

Completed logs can be uploaded directly to your membership profile.  Please rename your file clearly indicating which year(s) it covers: e.g.

Lastname, Firstname - simple logbook - YEAR.xls or 

Lastname, Firstname - Master Logbook -- YEAR to YEAR.xls

e.g. Hagel, Daye - Master Logbook -- 2008 to 2021.xls

A Note on Counting Logged Day Trips Toward Your Next-Level Certification


Kayak guiding days listed as minimum experience levels for Level 2, Level 3, and above guiding levels are overnight professional kayak guiding on multiday expeditions. 

However, professional sea kayak day trips may also be counted towards your higher level certification:

  • at a 3:1 ratio,
  • up to a maximum of 50% of the required days in each water classification.

Example 1: 30 days of professional overnight kayak guiding are required for Level Two guide eligibility.  

  • 50% of 30 is 15, so up to 15 of the required overnight days may be substituted by day trips at a 3:1 ratio.
  • 3 x 15 = 45 
  • Therefore, Level Two Guide eligibility may be satisfied by: 
    • 15 overnight kayaking days, plus 
    • 45 day tripping days.

Example 2: 80 days of professional overnight kayak guiding (including at least 20 in Class 3 water) are required for Level Three guide eligibility. 

  • 50% of 80 is 40, and 50% of 20 is 10.  So up to 40 of the required overnight days (including at least 10 of these in Class 3 water) may be substituted by professional day trips at a 3:1 ratio.
  • 3 x 40 = 120 and 3 x 10 = 30
  • Therefore, Level Three Guide eligibility may be satisfied by: 
    • 40 professional overnight kayaking days (including at least 10 of those in Class 3 water), plus
    • 120 professional day tripping days (including at least 30 of those in Class 3 water).

Please record all your day tripping days normally and accurately in your logbook
.  Then when the time comes to apply for your next-level certification, just send an email to, explaining that you will be using your day tripping days in this way.