Earthquake and Tsunami information and Notification:

Tsunamis and earthquakes are a real threat on our coast. This PDF covers Emergency Service's tsunami notification system and provides resources for guides to stay up to date with any relevant tsunami information.


Behavioural, low-impact travel, and incident management information for large animals in our wilderness.

Packing List:

This checklist for guides includes all equipment items both required and suggested by the SKGABC. This is a helpful tool to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Emergency Contact List:

This document covers important emergency phone numbers and local radio channels for all major areas of the BC coast. (*This list is not a substitute for your own research and emergency preparations.)

Reports and Studies:

SKGABC participates in studies that involve the Tourism industry in BC, safety on our coast (i.e. Lighthouse de-staffing) and the ecology of our coastal environment. Find reports from such studies and initiatives here.


Guide logs:

An important part of certification is maintaing a log of experience. The SKGABC asks certified guides to submit copies of their logged days on an annual basis.

BC Marine Trails Map:

A helpful planning resource tool.