Spotlight on Guides: Amy Benskin, Level Three Guide and Guide Trainer Category: Spotlight on Guides

"Everyone, including myself, was glad to have waited til the storm had passed. I discuss that story with my students, reiterating that ... employers should always support your judgement to say no, despite outcomes or expectations."  Learn more from the woman whose favourite camp meal to make is coffee!

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Spotlight on Guides - Arvid Hasse, L1 Category: Spotlight on Guides

"When I retired five years ago, I was looking for something to occupy my time. Kayak guiding has been the perfect transition. I just turned 71 and am going into my sixth season of guiding."

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Spotlight on Guides - Carter Arlette Category: Spotlight on Guides

"Dangling half on, half off the edge of the bluff was one of my group member's tents, and the log it had been tied to.  Due to the wind and waves, the sand bluff was eroding ... "

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