Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of B.C. President’s Report 2023 Category: News

It is my great pleasure to deliver the 2022-2023 President’s Report, outlining the achievements and progress our organization has made over the last year. In many ways, this year marked a return to business as usual, allowing us to continue supporting our members while giving us the opportunity to look toward the horizon. None of this would be possible without the countless volunteer hours put forth by our Board of Directors, to whom I extend my most sincere gratitude: Kevin Bradshaw - Vice President, Faroe des Roches - Treasurer, John Androsky - Secretary, Jonathan Lee - Member at Large, Austin Wilson - Member at Large, Aleia Wylie - Member at Large, Samuel Yates - Member at Large.

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Member Benefits Program - A Tale of Serendipity Category: News

It was a dark and stormy night… Actually, it was quite a pleasant warm sunny day in July.  We launched for our day paddle from basecamp. The water was calm, the air was warm, and guests were smiling and happy. We planned our stops at beaches, a lunch break and the best kelp patch to have a snack and chat. As we got further from camp, I felt a breeze on my bare neck and a little playful bounce in the water. A quick knowing glance at my co-guides acknowledged the possibility of that pesky northwest wind coming through as forecasted and altering our plans. Within 20 minutes, it was clear that it was time to turn around and head back before things started to get spicy. As the wind picked up, we were forced to land on a fairly exposed beach rather than paddling to the other side of the headland.

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Contracting with School Groups - Insight from Jack Rosen Category: News

We often see that schools approach companies and individual guides to run programs for them. SKGABC Guides are the leaders and thus make the decisions for the group, so it is essential to ensure that they are prepared and informed. 

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