Human powered ocean travel comes with inherent risk. That's part of the adventure, but our guides are ready. Our Level One Guides are fully trained in first aid, with a minimum of 16 hours of training plus CPR certification.

They have Restricted Operator Certificates for VHF radio, because there's no reception where you're going. Before they lead day trips independently, they complete and log at least 10 days of co-guiding with another experienced guide. Our guides stay up to date and improve themselves with On-Going Training courses every three years. All training and sea-time is logged and certified with SKGABC. Wherever your adventure takes you, you're in good company.

Assistant Overnight Guides have met all the requirements of Level One Guides. Additionally, they complete the SKGABC Assistant Overnight Guide Course and Exam and maintain current Wilderness First Aid certification. They can disinfect water, help someone with heart conditions or anaphylaxis, and manage a complex evacuation.

Our Level Two Guides are highly experienced sea kayaking professionals who have logged at least 30 days of sea kayak guiding as an Assistant Overnight Guide, passed our Level Two Exam, and taken additional Wilderness First Aid training.

They know their way around the water, have done long haul trips to test their limits, and practice first aid in the back country for 10 days to ensure their readiness.

After meeting all the requirements for Level One and Two, Level Three Guides log more hours and miles on overnight trips, long hauls, and rough Class Three Waters. They spend enough time on the water to be considered an aquatic life form before passing the rigorous Level Three Exam.

Guide Trainers meet all the requirements for Level Three, as well as logging 200 additional commercial sea kayak guiding days including at least 40 in Class Three waters. Guide Trainers log at least 21 days of assisting on SKGABC guide training courses before being granted their certification and leading courses on their own. Guide Examiners have met and surpassed all the requirements for Trainers, logged an additional 300 days of commercail sea kayak guiding, assisted on multiple Level Two and Three exams, and received multiple letters of recommendation from mentor Examiners. The highest standards of technical, theoretical, practical, and interpersonal skills are required, and ongoing self-improvement is necessary to become a Trainer or Examiner.