Professional Development, through Exchanges, Exams, and Courses, allows leaders to stay abreast of evolving industry standards, strengthen connections with other professionals, and finesse their paddling, technical, and interpretive skills, thereby promoting safety across the industry.

SKGABC guides are required to participate in an Ongoing Training / Professional Development program at minimum once every 3 years.  See bottom of page for details.

SKGABC Spring 2018 Guides Exchange


The Spring 2018 Exchange will be held in Victoria and hosted by Ocean River Sports!

SKGABC Fall 2018 Guides Exchange - Date TBD


The Fall 2018 Guides Exchange will be held in Tofino and hosted by Tofino Sea Kayaking!  Date TBD.

SKGABC 2019 Guides Exchange - Haida Gwaii - date TBD.


The SKGABC is planning a Guides Exchange in Haida Gwaii in 2019!  Stay tuned for details and dates.