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JF Marleau Class 4 Waters Endorsement, Guide Trainer, Guide Examiner

JF Marleau - Level Three Guide, Class 4 Waters Endorsement, Guide Trainer, Guide Examiner

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JF has taught kayaking and guiding expeditions full time across Canada and the world since 1998. He is a certified Level 4 Guide & Guide Trainer and Examiner with the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC (SKGABC). He was vice-president of the SKGABC for 14 years, He is a certified Level 4 Instructor and Level 3 Instructor Trainer with Paddle Canada. JF is a pioneer of kayak fishing in Canada. He holds many diplomas, including a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations and a Bachelor of Art degree in Political Science from Laval University. JF is the author of sea kayaking books and training manuals and wrote the kayak fishing chapter in John’s Dowd classic book Sea Kayaking: A Manual for Long-Distance Touring. When JF is not having fun on the water, he runs SKILS, Canada’s premiere sea kayaking training centre. He loves to communicate his passion of sea kayaking and use humor as a teaching tool. JF also enjoys teaching kayak fishing and guiding kayak fishing expedition. If you have never met JF before, it is easy to pick him out of the crowd, as his strong French-Canadian accent cannot hide him for long.

Additional Certifications

  • Class 4 Waters Endorsement
  • Guide Trainer
  • Guide Examiner

Ongoing Professional Development

Pacific Paddling Symposium - Coach - 2016

Pacific Paddling Symposium - Coach - 2017

Golden Gate Paddling Symposium - Coach - 2018

Pacific Paddling Symposium - Coach - 2019

SKGABC 2021 Techncial Directions Collaboration Meeting Oct 23, 2021 - participant (JG 2021)

SKGABC Blended Fall Guides Exchange. Held onwater workshop .OGT