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Eric Boros - Level Three Guide

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Eric grew up on Vancouver Island, paddling skin-on-frame and wooden kayaks built by his father. After an extended period abroad working as a musician and solar-power event coordinator, he returned to Canada to pursue his exploration of the west coast. Eric is a SKGABC Level 3 Guide and is working towards becoming a Guide Trainer. He also recently completed his Paddle Canada Level 4 Sea Kayak Skills and is a Level 1 Instructor. He lives in Ucluelet and works for Majestic Ocean Kayaking.

Ongoing Professional Development

SKGABC Level Two Exam - 2017

SKGABC Level 3 exam Ocotber 2018

SKGABC guides exchange Tofino October 26-28 2018

Paddle Canada - Sea Kayak Instructor Level 1 - March 20, 2019

Paddle Canada -Sea Kayak Skils level 4 April 26, 2019

SKGABC guides exchange Sooke October 18-20, 2019