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Spotlight on Guides - Carter Arlette

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  1. NameCarter Arlette

  2. Guide LevelLevel 3 Guide and Guide Trainer; Member At Large on the SKGABC Board of Directors

  3. Years as an SKGABC member: 8

  4. Where do you work / paddle and for whom?:
    I have been guiding for Gabriola Sea Kayaking this season, all over Vancouver Island.  Kyuquot Sound, the Nuchatlitz, Clayoquot Sound, Broken Group Islands, Johnstone Strait, and the Southern Gulf in the shoulder seasons.

  5. How did you get in to paddling / guiding?:
    I’ve been paddling since I was 12, on lakes and rivers, but got into Sea Kayaking when I took an Outward Bound course when I was 15 in Clayoquot sound.
    In conjunction with years of attending the YMCA’s Camp Chief  Hector in Alberta, and going on their Sac Dene trip (2 months of canoeing down the Mackenzie River), I decided to pursue a career in the outdoor leadership/guiding.
    I acquired an Applied Bachelors of Eco Tourism and Outdoor Leadership from Mount Royal University, which furthered my understanding of the industry, but also gave me a whole gambit of other leadership and organizational skills.
    I then received an open email from the University of Calgary's Outdoor Centre, looking for a kayak instructor to teach basic sea kayaking technique and rescue courses. This eventually developed into a guiding job in the BGI, and now here I am!

  6. Do you have a side / winter gig or study?:
    Yes! I’m an Outdoor Educator for Collingwood School in North Van with their Explore program, and am gearing up to head back to school to get my teaching degree.

  7. Care to share a guiding-related fun fact?
    Carter word of 2017: Bathymetry = Underwater geography

  8. What do you like to educate or inspire guests about?:
    I like to time travel with my guests, through geography, geology, and human/cultural history. I like to turn people's eyes to what has been or happened in these remote places in the past.

  9. What's a challenging memory or trip you've had as a guide and what did you take from it?

    My first trip in Kyuquot, we set ourselves up to weather a storm, camping high on top of a sandy bluff. In the night, the wind whipped up the sea state significantly. Coupled with a King Tide, I was woken up by waves dumping at the foot of my Bivvy Sac.

    Up the bluff, I saw a headlamp. I thought it was curious that someone was going for a walk that late at night, I went out in the rain to see who felt the need for a rainy, windy late night stroll.

    Dangling half on, half off the edge of the bluff was one of my group member's tents, and the log it had been tied to.  Due to the wind and waves, the sand bluff was eroding, something that hadn't crossed my mind when giving the go ahead for a “room with a view”.

    Needless to say, we moved his tent, and I stayed up until after high tide had well passed.

    Lesson: Know your tides, and where in the greater tidal cycle you are. Just because you’re above the high tide line doesn’t mean you’re in the clear!

  10. What's something you did when you started guiding, that you don't do anymore?

    I used to be very concerned with people taking me seriously. I’d try and act older than I was, and not joke around at all. It made me feel very false.

    It’s taken me till now (and is still a work in progress) to understand that;
    • We do what we do because we love it. Just because we’re working, doesn’t mean we don’t still get to enjoy for ourselves while facilitating enjoyment for others.
    • There is nothing wrong with simply being you. It takes so much energy to keep a mask on - energy you could be putting into enjoying, or taking care of yourself instead of needlessly worrying about how you are perceived by others. You’re probably pretty cool.

  11. What's a favourite memory from an SKGABC Exchange or Exam?
    Gabriola 2017, seeing all those boats out in Descanso Bay. Talking, sharing, learning from each other.

  12. Favourite meal to make as a guide?
    GF Coconut/Butter Chicken Curry with Tofu (values are for a group of 5)
    1 Onion
    2 Cloves Garlic
    2 cans Coconut Milk
    1 Large Carrot
    1 Red Pepper
    1 Zuchini
    1 Large Potato
    2 Packages Smoked Tofu
    2 Packages Butter Chicken Curry Paste
    1 Package Rice Noodles

    1. Sweat diced onion and Garlic in the bottom of a pot (with oil).
    2. Add coconut milk and curry pastes (to taste)
    3. Add Diced Potato and let simmer till soft
    4. Submerge Rice Noodles in Warm Water and let sit.
    5. Add everything else to the curry! Let simmer till Zucchini is tender.
    6. Slice Tofu and shallow fry till crispy on the outside
    7. Tada!