SKGABC new pro-deal

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Until November 30, we have been able to set up a great program with TRAK portable sea kayaks for our SKGABC guides, available at a generous discount and even with some simple financing. They will send the kayak right to your door (because they can). TRAK is committed to making these easily available and accessible to us. A number of kayak guides in BC and around the world have used their TRAK kayaks to do some pretty amazing trips and paddling, including travelling with them through the winter to some warmer destinations and to international symposiums. In fact, if you’d like to learn more about the kayaks themselves, you could ask some experienced paddlers like Jaime Sharp, Zack Kruzins, Dympna Hayes or James Roberts. TRAK have created a website that lays out this opportunity and the program they have for ambassadors that could be worth looking at.