SKGABC Facebook group becoming "closed"

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We will soon be changing the SKGABC Facebook group to be a "closed" group for members only.
What does this mean? Well, if you're a current member, not much will change. The group posts will only be visible to the public, but the group itself and its members will remain viewable to all. Anyone will still be able to search for the group and request to be a member.
If you're in the FB group but not a current SKGABC member, you will soon receive a FB message asking if you want to renew your membership. After some time, we will gradually remove folks who don't respond from the group, leaving the community of active SKGABC members. This will take some time; nothing will happen overnight, and there will be plenty of time for communication and changes.
Why a closed group? Well, there are several benefits: greater ability for us to post pro deals from our sponsors that are available only to current members; ensuring you as a certified guide have priority access to kayak guiding job postings; consistency with the new website and members area; and increased clarity and networking between a tighter-knit, current community of members.
The SKGABC website and the FB company page (which is separate from the member group) will of course remain accessible to all, and we will be posting more frequent public announcements about exams, Exchanges, and other news there as well.
Let us know if your FB name is different than the name we have on file for you, and if there's any other way we can help you stay in touch <3
All the best,
Daye Cooper, Executive Director