SKGABC - Executive Director - Job Posting

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SKGABC Executive Director resignation

Having served as ED since late 2015, I have deeply appreciated all of the time I've gotten to spend with the membership, Board of Directors, and helping the SKGABC grow as a powerful organization supporting the safety and joy of professional sea kayak guiding in the province.  I've recently stepped in to a new position as a Child and Youth Mental Health Counsellor working in remote communities near Tofino, BC, and becoming a full-time clinician means there is simply less time to serve the Alliance in all of the ways the membership needs and deserves. I truly care for you all and think you deserve the absolute best in your professional and joyful paddling pursuits. Keep that up. We're all doing good, meaningful work out there.

I look forward to helping support a new ED step in to a role that is full of opportunity, networking, and opportunity for passionate service in the days to come.  Happy paddles!

Executive Director posting -- Summary of Position

The SKGABC seeks a motivated member to help lead the organization as the Executive Director. As a self-motivated, personable individual, the Executive Director (ED) will have the ability to coordinate complex sets of tasks while communicating with a broad swath of the membership. The Executive Director will adapt to changing needs and events in order to further the organizational goals, policy, and mandate of the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC (“SKGABC” or “Alliance”). The ED acts as the Chief Steward of the organization and a hub of communication.

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