Message from the President

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Dearest Members, 

I am so happy to be back in the role of Board President this year in service to all of our membership in BC and, indeed, around the globe. This year has been a challenging one, to say the least. We have seen unprecedented changes in our tourism industry, global travel, mental health challenges, and we have been asked to look at our organization from a bird's eye view… indeed, this year has given us the complicated gift of 20-20 vision.  

We have some big news moving forward with the Alliance, and it is with great pleasure that I introduce Janette Galan as our newest team member and Executive Director!!! We are so excited to have her on board, as she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge from both her long-time participation in the paddling community as a kayaker and instructor with Ocean River Sports and as a founding member of the Pacific Paddling Symposium. In these ways, she has an intimate knowledge of the challenges and gifts that are a part of our industry. She has also been the Production Manager of the incredibly successful Symphony Splash - a large walk-in/paddle-in symphony held in Victoria, BC for the past 20 years – which is testimony to her ability to manage and organize complex and 'multiheaded' projects. Of course, she brings with her so much more experience, but these are the Coles' notes. We are lucky to have someone with her depth and breadth of experience to sit at the helm of our organization, steering us into the future.  

We have new blood on the board as well, with Dominic Demers and Michael Gilbert joining us for the first time, as well as Jack Rosen, who brings his knowledge of the SKGABC since inception. Carrying forward from our last board, we have Sarah Osberg (Vice President), Matt Kellow (Treasurer), Eric Boros (Secretary), and Carter Arlette (Member at Large) who have been working hard to serve our membership and have a passion that shows in their remarkable capacity to volunteer so much of their time.  

We are gearing up for a winter of projects and organizational review, and we value your input. If you have suggestions or requests for any pressing matters you can see that are of value to our industry or important to you and your colleagues, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or reach us all at  

Stay Safe and Stay Well, 

Care for yourself and Care for your Community,  

Kate Hives 
SKGABC President