Letter from the President - Jordie Allen-Newman

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To all present and past members, supporters and associates of the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC, I would like to warmly introduce and welcome our new leadership team: Sarah Osberg, Matt Kellow, Kate Hives, Finn Steiner, Carter Arlette, Peter Carson and Eric Boros.

We warmly welcome Kevin Bradshaw to his new role as our Executive Director and look forwards to his stewardship as we move forwards. And thank you to Daye Cooper for her outstanding service and leadership in her role as our Executive Director since 2015! And thank you to Kimberly Gmyz - our dedicated and supportive Membership Coordinator.

And especially, thank you to Kate Hives as she - hopefully only briefly - steps down from her duties as our Board President to work as a member at large. Thank you Kate for your excellence in leadership, your skillful and ethical service to our members and for being both a teacher, guide and a true adventurer.

In addition, we greatly appreciate the hard work and care given to our organization from Duncan Mack who is always ready to take a leadership role should the need arise.

As President of the SKGABC Board of Directors I want to continue to shape and develop our organization: as we build relationships with coastal first nations communities who's territories we work in, reach out and assist in the development of national and international guiding certification such as in Chile and build relationships, rationalize and develop our exam processes, support our paddling organizations, outfitters and guiding companies, provide high standards of professional guiding and continue to be a networking and educational hub for our stellar 252 active Sea Kayak Guides through our popular guide conferences.

After 24 years of continuous and active kayak guiding and instructing and having benefited so greatly from the SKGABC both personally and professionally, it is an honor to give back to the guiding community in my new role.

with care,

Jordie Allen-Newman

Sooke, BC