Gary Doran - SKGABC Lifetime Membership Award

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"When learning new sea kayaking skills, 'break through' moments are those exciting moments when you think to yourself, "Ah, now I get it!" 'Break through' moments may be related to your preferred learning style". - Gary Doran

Lovely article about Gary here.

Short Bio (credit: SKILS)

Gary Doran lives in Victoria, British Columbia, where he is the Head Sea Kayaking Instructor/Guide and Programmer at Ocean River Sports, and a core Sea Kayaking Instructor with Sea Kayak Instruction & Leadership Systems (SKILS). He has been a sea kayak instructor and guide since 1996, and has kayaked in the Queen Charlotte Islands, Vancouver Island, Baja, and the Great Lakes. Notable expeditions include Isla Angel de la Guarda, Baja, and Cape Scott, Vancouver Island.

Gary is certified through Paddle Canada as a Sea Kayaking Instructor Level 4 and a Sea Kayaking Instructor Trainer Level 3. As well, he is certified through the Sea Kayak Guides Alliance of BC as a Guide Trainer and Level 3 Guide. He holds degrees in Education, Environmental Science, and Biology, and is an accredited Leave No Trace Trainer and Individual Conditioning Instructor.