Kajait and Ice: It Happened Category: Interpretive - Historical

Kajait and Ice: It Happened Noah Nochasak    Introduction Kajait (kayaks, ha-yait) use around spring and winter ice was normal for Inuit in northern Labrador, though that concept likely appears foreign and unfounded today to many. I will use many examples to refute this thought, at the risk of repetition. While ice and freezing temperatures bring dangers that restrict the use of Kajait, they remain valuable tools for accessing animals and hunting throughout the year. Though hunting with Kajait greatly increased productivity, which is why it was worth doing, intense survival stories present a memorable perspective. A great deal of information exists on the subject of Kajak (kayak, ha-yak) use in winter and spring, yet, only small a small part is used here. Today Labrador Inuit themselves rarely get to create the narrative around the Labrador Kajak. Without an Inuit voice much detail is lost.

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