Salt Spring Adventures

Job Description:

Full-time Kayak Day Guides for Spring/Summer Season If you are thinking of joining our team as a kayak guide that’s great! The types of guides we love to hire have these qualifications and attributes: Certified as a level one guide with SKGABC or an equal or higher certification Certified CPR-C, VHF Radio, and Wilderness First Aid Works well with other guides Stoked to take clients out daily on Harbour Tours Can drive a vehicle – bonus if you can drive with a kayak trailer Willing to work hard for a short busy season Reliable, dependable, and shows up for work on time Able to do the “on call” guiding life Wants to get comfortable in a job you love for many seasons Our usual season can look a little like this: May is ramping up with training and school trips, tons of fun and a nice calm pace to get the season going June is a consistent pace and builds over the month. If the weather is good, it is busy! July the tourism tap turns on full blast and you are full on! Day/multi-day tours are in full bloom, you will work! August is crazy non-stop! This is the peak of the season we usually do not have enough guides or boats to satisfy demand. September starts to slow back down. We have a couple more school trips to wind down the season. It can stay really busy if the weather stays nice. HOURS: Kayak Day guides work 5-6 days/week in peak season. You will put out 1-2 tours a day usually in May, June and September. In July and August, you will work beyond full time, working 3-4 tours a day. When it rains, it pours so we work as hard as we can in the peak season. Our season is short so we “get while the getting is good!”

Additional Details:

Closing Date: 2020-04-15

Guiding Area: Salt Spring Island

Work Term: May - October

Salary: $16.00+

To apply for this posting please contact:

Yvonne Angus

Address: Salt Spring Island



Phone: 250-537-2764