Batstar Adventure Tours

Job Description:

Guided tour of 8 guests in the Deer Group Islands. All the food and gear will be packed and ready to go. Menu and guide log. Overnight night before in Port Alberni at our B&B. Includes transportation to Bamfield. Base camp on Huu ay aht First Nations ancient village site. Paddle to camp is 1.5 hours from Bamfield. Sea stacks, sea arches, sea caves: this area is fantastic to paddle. There will be guide at the basecamp to help with logistics/planning.

Additional Details:

Closing Date: 2019-08-31

Guiding Area: Deer Group Islands in Barkley Sound

Work Term: Monday August 5 - Friday August 9 You will finish Friday by 6 pm

Salary: Lead $300/day including vacation pay, Assist $250/day including vacation pay

To apply for this posting please contact:

Blake Johnson

Address: Batstar Adventure Tours 6360 Springfield Road, Port Alberni, BC



Phone: 250 720-1079