Knight Inlet Lodge - all levels - Bear/ Whale Guides - Knight Inlet

Job Description:

Knight Inlet Lodge are currently hiring for bear guides on their remote floating lodge in Knight Inlet BC. Your role would include kayaking in the highly active grizzly bear region of Glendale Cove, as well as skippering small craft in the cove and performing land-based tours as well. For a candidate with experience in handling >30ft twin-engine vessels, there is also potential to perform day long whale watching tours. Required Certifications: SKGABC level 1+, SVOP, MEDA3 and ROCM. Apply via Guide Network at then search "Knight Inlet Lodge"

Additional Details:

Closing Date: 2019-03-01

Guiding Area: Knight Inlet/ Blackfish Sound/ Johnstone Strait

Work Term: Summer 2019

To apply for this posting please contact:

Guide Network

Address: Knight Inlet, BC



Phone: 250 218 4865