North Island Kayak - all levels - Johnstone Strait & Broughtons

Job Description:

Guiding sea kayak tours of Johnstone Strait & the Broughtons - duration and specific area dependent on certification level. North Island Kayak conducts sea kayaking tours from Telegraph Cove on northern Vancouver Island. It has been in continuous operation in this area since 1991. We provide our guests with a spectacular wilderness vacation experience, while ensuring the safety of all and minimizing any negative environmental effects of our presence. Our kayak tours operate between the months of May & September each year. Maximum staffing levels are reached in the months of July & August when our team reaches 25 guides, 10 support staff, 6 base camps & 130 kayaks. Our commitment to excellence has resulted in us being awarded Tripadvisor Certificates of Excellence for all years 2014 through 2018 and inclusion in their Hall of Fame for 5 years in a row! Our community of driven, professional individuals share a passion for nature, wildlife and the environment with an intense desire to protect, educate and awe others with the spectacular beauty of our area. While kayaking with Orcas in their natural element is the main reason people from all over Europe, Australia and North America, visit every summer, other animals that consistently delight include: humpback whales, seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoise, black bears, bald eagles, a plethora of sea birds and a host of intertidal life. The work culture at North Island Kayak is based on mutual respect and performance. Each member of our team has the responsibility and is equipped, or provided training to acquire, the skills to perform their contribution to the smooth-running vacation experience our guests deserve, while being assured that those around them are equally dedicated and skilled at performing their roles. Our tours operate on a seasonal basis and our employment opportunities follow this seasonality. Although most North Island Kayak employees return year after year there are always opportunities for enthusiastic new team members. Candidates will be reviewed, contacted & hired on an ongoing basis as applications are received. See the website for full details and application requirements. Please follow the Application Requirements identified.

Additional Details:

Closing Date: 2019-06-01

Guiding Area: Johnstone Strait & Broughtons

Work Term: Late May through late September

Salary: $16-50 and up

To apply for this posting please contact:

Steve Emery

Address: Box 213 Telegraph Cove BC V0N3J0