SKGABC 2022 Fall Exchange Nov 4 - 13, 2022

Event information

November 4 - 13, 2022

Virtual and Regional Waters

This Fall Exchange will be a "blended" virtual, self directed and onwater format like we've been doing regularly the past few years; most workshops etc will be hosted online over Zoom, and local "on the water" events will be regional, organized by individual guides. 

  • You can just participate in the online events for fun, for free and for no OGT credits (Tier 1 participant)
  • Or, if you want the Exchange to upgrade your OGT (Tier 2 participant), you need to:
    • register formally in the Exchange and pay $50
    • attend 5 workshops including at least one on water event and complete at least one rescue.
    • *Attending the AGM counts as 1 workshop!

Participation Rules  

  • Participants must be current members of the SKGABC to be eligible for prizes 
  • All workshops must be pre-registered and the workshop leaders must abide by the SKGABC standards and respect local and regional health and safety guidelines
  • All in-person/on-water participants must be pre-registered in the Exchange (Tier 2) and have completed a SKGABC waiver .
  • Links for the schedule, registration, Zoom links, and other materials will all be posted here on the website 

Click here for the

Exchange Schedule 

Workshop submissions are welcome!



How to Offer an SKGABC Fall 2022 Exchange Workshop (on-water or on-land)


How to Participate in an SKGABC Fall 2022 Exchange Workshop

Read the Participation Rules above.

Any level of SKGABC Guide can offer an online or on-water workshop. (on-water workshops only in waters you are already certified to lead in)

Offering a workshop = 2 prize draws

*If you want to offer a LIVE workshop over Zoom: the SKGABC can support you!  

We can set up a meeting time using the SKGABC Zoom account and make you a host, so that you can interact live with your participants.

  1. Fill out the "Offer a Workshop" form by Oct 15th
    Once your workshop is approved, it will be added to the official Exchange Week schedule.
  2. Complete the Fall Exchange Workshop - Final Report after your workshop and before 6pm Nov 14, 2022.
  3. Come to the AGM Nov 6th! 

Please note: Your membership fees must be up to date to be eligible for SKGABC prizesRenew Now

Questions? email

Read the Participation Rules above, then:

  1. Decide if you would like Tier 1 or Tier 2 participation.

Tier 1 - Just for Fun, free

NO on-water participation required - online only

Tier 2 - Update your OGT credits for 3 years, $50

On-water participation required

  • No pre-registration is required.
  • Check the Schedule , & participate in as many or as few online workshops as you like!
  • Follow any workshop instructions.
  • Attend the AGM Nov 6th for prizes

  1. Pre-register and pay for the Exchange. For Tier 2, you must be pre-registered before the Exchange begins.
  2. Check the Schedule and participate in at least 5 workshops over Exchange week - if possible make sure there's at least 1 workshop from each category: 
      • On-water (including at least 1 rescue)
      • Technical skills (physics/math or gear based e.g. navigation, radios, weather)
      • Interpretive / interpersonal (e.g. marine bio, mental health, cultural teachings)
      • Risk management
      • AGM
  • If you are a L3 guide, you must lead at least one of your workshops.Ensure that you follow any workshop instructions and that the workshop host records your full name and participation so that you will receive your prize draw entry and OGT credits.

Completing a workshop = 1 prize draw

Please note: Your membership fees must be up to date to be eligible for SKGABC prizesRenew Now